Taking Chiropractic Home: How the Denneroll Provides Relief Outside of the Office

Taking Chiropractic Home: How the Denneroll Provides Relief Outside of the Office

When most people think of chiropractic, they think of going into the office to receive their treatment, which may consist of an adjustment, spinal traction, or some other form of care. What many people don’t realize is that the period of time between treatments is also eligible for chiropractic care—a different kind of care that doesn’t require an in-office visit. Enter the Denneroll, a chiropractic device that helps to provide relief and benefits from home. Read on to learn more about the Denneroll, and how it can help to supplement chiropractic care between visits, as well as boost the effectiveness of your care.

What is a Denneroll device?

A Denneroll device is a chiropractic device designed to fit into a distinct area of the spine and produce a deep reforming effect to the shape of the bones and joints. Of the various Denneroll devices available, your expert chiropractor will determine which one is suited to your postural needs, based on your x-rays and an advanced digital postural analysis. Once the area of your spine is identified as requiring the most support, you may be provided with a Denneroll device to take home.

The device is made to be placed under either the cervical spine, the lumbar spine, or the thoracic spine. These three areas of the spine (neck, middle, and lower back) are all critical points of interest for reforming the shape of the spine. Imbalances in the posture typically occur in one of these three areas, and once they are corrected, this can facilitate significantly enhanced posture. When posture is corrected effectively, significant pain relief can be achieved, leading to a healthier, more vital life that allows for flexibility, mobility, and freedom of movement without discomfort.

How does a Denneroll device work?

Each Denneroll device is designed very specifically for a distinct area of the spine. Denneroll orthotic devices are intended to be placed under the area of the body that has been identified by your expert chiropractor on a flat surface. The pressure and weight of the body, in tandem with the device’s unique design, facilitate a deep stretch of the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints of the area.

In addition to providing a deep stretch, the Denneroll device also shifts the spine into the ideal alignment. As the patient works up to maintaining a longer duration of time on the device, the spine begins to reform, helping to reverse the unbalanced curvature of the spine and restore optimal alignment.

How long do I have to use a Denneroll device?

If your expert chiropractor provides you with an orthotic Denneroll device, it is intended to be used as instructed. Depending on your unique case, your chiropractor may provide you with specific instructions about when and how long to use the device. Generally, most patients experience benefits from daily use, working their way up to a duration of 20 minutes per day.

Research shows that with this frequency of use, the Denneroll can help to create meaningful changes in the shape of the spine, helping to support the efforts of your chiropractor in the office, boost your results, and increase all of the benefits you experience from chiropractic care.

Is it painful to use a Denneroll device?

No, it shouldn’t be! The Denneroll device is made to provide a deep stretch that helps the bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons in the associated area to relax into a new shape.

If you experience any pain, it’s important to communicate this with your expert chiropractor immediately. While it may take time for the deep stretch provided by the Denneroll orthotic device to become comfortable, using the device should begin slowly for this reason. Many individuals begin with about 5 minutes of use, working their way up to the standard 20 minute timeframe that is generally recommended.

Can an orthotic Denneroll device substitute chiropractic care?

No. The orthotic Denneroll device is not designed to substitute chiropractic care, it is designed to enhance and supplement chiropractic treatments between in-office visits.

Chiropractic care is still the standout form of treatment for correcting poor posture, decreasing pain, improving overall health and vitality, and relieving nerve interference. A Denneroll is an outstanding tool that helps to boost the efficacy of treatment, providing an excellent accompaniment to expert chiropractic care.

Getting Your Denneroll Device

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