How Dr. Luc Archambault of SpineWorks UK Can Help You Treat Exercise Injuries

How Dr. Luc Archambault of SpineWorks UK Can Help You Treat Exercise Injuries

Exercise injuries can prevent you from participating in physical activities and hinder your everyday movements. Therefore, it is crucial to seek help from a professional who can help you recover and get back on track. Dr. Luc Archambault of SpineWorks UK has years of experience treating individuals who suffer from exercise injuries. Here are the common causes of exercise injuries and how Dr. Luc Archambault can help you using Chiropractic BioPhysics® and orthotic devices like the Denneroll®.

Common Causes of Exercise Injuries

Before we dive into the treatment options, let’s first understand the common causes of exercise injuries. Over-training, which is pushing your body to the limit without giving it enough time to rest, is one of the primary causes of exercise injuries. Poor form while exercising or weight lifting can also lead to injuries, which can be exacerbated by an underlying spinal misalignment. These injuries can range from minor muscle strains to more severe issues like herniated discs or sciatica.


Over-exercising can indeed lead to a heightened risk of physical injuries. When we push our bodies beyond their capacity, we run the risk of causing harm to our musculoskeletal system. This can take the form of strains, sprains, or even stress fractures. Largely, this is because our bodies need rest and recovery time after strenuous activity in order to repair the microscopic damage that occurs during intense exercise. Continual high-intensity workouts without sufficient rest periods can escalate this damage, leading to serious injuries. Overtraining can also weaken the immune system, making an individual more susceptible to illnesses and infections. It’s crucial to listen to your body’s cues and ensure a balance between exercise, rest, and recovery to maintain optimal health.

Poor Form

Poor form during exercise is a significant contributor to exercise-related injuries. It applies to both strength training and aerobic activities such as running. When incorrect forms are used repetitively, it puts undue stress on parts of the body that are not equipped to handle it, resulting in sprains, strains, or more severe injuries. For instance, incorrect posture during weightlifting can strain the back muscles and possibly cause herniated discs. Similarly, incorrect running technique can lead to knee injuries or shin splints. Therefore, it’s crucial to learn and maintain correct form during exercise to minimize the risk of injuries. Proper initial guidance, continuous self-monitoring, and professional assistance can considerably help in ensuring correct form and safe exercise practices.

Spinal Subluxation (Misalignment)

Spinal subluxation, or misalignment of the spine, can significantly contribute to exercise injuries. The spine is the central support structure of the body, distributing our weight evenly and facilitating smooth, coordinated movements. When the spine is misaligned, it disrupts this balance, placing uneven stress on certain muscles and joints during physical activities. This increased pressure can lead to injuries, particularly when performing high-impact or repetitive exercises. Furthermore, spinal subluxation can alter the body’s biomechanics, affecting the posture and form during exercise. Poor form, as mentioned before, is a major cause of exercise injuries. Thus, maintaining a properly aligned spine is crucial for safe and effective exercise, and for preventing injuries.

Treating the Spine with Chiropractic BioPhysics®

SpineWorks UK specializes in the treatment of spinal-related issues. Dr. Luc Archambault uses Chiropractic BioPhysics® which is a non-surgical treatment that focuses on correcting spinal alignment using techniques such as spinal adjustments and postural exercises. Additionally, Dr. Luc uses orthotic devices like the Denneroll®. The Denneroll® is a unique orthotic device that helps correct spinal alignment, eliminate spinal pain, and enhance overall health and wellness.

The treatment process begins with a comprehensive physical examination, including a detailed medical history and a customized treatment plan that caters to individuals’ particular needs. Dr. Luc’s use of Chiropractic BioPhysics® and the Denneroll® device provides a holistic approach to healing your injury and overall spinal health, helping you feel better for the long term.

Dr. Luc Archambault also emphasizes the importance of improving posture to reduce the risk of future injuries. Correcting your posture will enhance spinal health, increase circulation, and reduce the chances of spinal degeneration.

Exercise Injuries Treatment in London – SpineWorks UK

Exercise injuries can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and painful; however, it’s essential to seek professional help. SpineWorks UK offers evidence-based, non-surgical treatment options like Chiropractic BioPhysics® and orthotic devices that help you overcome your injury, improve spinal alignment, and enhance your overall health and wellness. Dr. Luc Archambault has years of experience in treating exercise injuries with a holistic approach that treats the underlying problem, which sets patients on the path to optimal healing and recovery. Don’t let pain hold you back; make your appointment today and start your journey to better spinal health.