Dr. Luc Archambault of SpineWorks UK: The Solution to Your Back Pain & 3 Common Causes for Back Pain

Dr. Luc Archambault of SpineWorks UK: The Solution to Your Back Pain & 3 Common Causes for Back Pain

Do you often suffer from back pain that makes it hard for you to work, exercise, or even just relax? You’re not alone. Back pain is incredibly common and can have many causes, including degeneration, spinal misalignment, injuries, over-training, and a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re looking for a solution to your back pain, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Luc Archambault of SpineWorks UK has been helping patients for years with his expertise in Chiropractic BioPhysics®.

Three Common Causes of Back Pain


Degeneration, one of the leading causes of back pain, occurs when the discs and joints of the spine wear down over time. This progressive condition, also known as degenerative disc disease, can lead to debilitating pain and reduced mobility as the disc’s cushioning ability deteriorates. Chiropractic BioPhysics®, a unique treatment modality employed by Dr. Luc Archambault, deals with this problem head-on. This approach incorporates specific exercises and precise spinal adjustments to rectify spinal alignment and restore optimal posture, thereby reducing stress on the affected discs. Furthermore, it promotes the body’s natural healing process, helping to slow down degeneration and alleviate associated back pain.

Over-Training & Excessive Exercise

Over-training or excessive exercise can lead to back pain by creating undue stress on the spine, particularly if performed with improper form or without adequate recovery time. In the pursuit of fitness goals, individuals often overlook these vital aspects, which can aggravate the discs and joints, causing inflammation, pain, and potential misalignment of the spine. Chiropractic BioPhysics® is a highly effective solution in these instances. Used by Dr. Luc Archambault, this unique, scientifically validated approach includes a series of precise chiropractic adjustments and tailored exercises designed to correct spinal alignment. By doing so, it not only mitigates the immediate discomfort but also helps to prevent future damage resulting from over-training. This method lessens the strain on the spinal structures, promoting healthier posture and movement, and fostering natural, long-term relief from back pain.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Living a sedentary lifestyle is another significant contributor to back pain. Prolonged periods of sitting, especially with incorrect posture, can place excessive strain on the back muscles and spinal discs. This strain can lead to discomfort, stiffness, and chronic pain over time. Furthermore, lack of regular physical activity often results in weakened muscles, especially in the core and back, which are critical for maintaining proper spinal alignment. Weak muscles are less capable of supporting the spine, further increasing the likelihood of back pain. Chiropractic BioPhysics®, as practiced by Dr. Luc Archambault, offers an effective solution to counter these adverse effects. Through a combination of specific exercises and precise spinal adjustments, this approach works to strengthen the back and core muscles, correct posture, and realign the spine, thereby providing relief from the back pain caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

What is Chiropractic BioPhysics®?

Chiropractic BioPhysics® is a technique that combines chiropractic adjustments with posture and spinal realignment exercises. It is based on the premise that the spine and nervous system are linked, and that misalignments in the spine can cause a host of health problems, including back pain. Dr. Luc Archambault is a certified Chiropractic BioPhysics® practitioner and has been helping patients achieve optimal spinal health and function with this technique for years.

Denneroll® Devices for Corrected Spinal Curve

One of the tools Dr. Luc uses to help his patients is the Denneroll®. The Denneroll® is a specially designed orthotic device that is used to stretch the spine and realign it. It is made of foam and comes in different sizes and shapes to suit different parts of the spine. When used correctly, it can help patients achieve a more natural spinal curve and relieve pain.

In addition to using the Denneroll®, Dr. Luc also employs other techniques like spinal adjustments, traction, and decompression to help his patients get relief from their back pain. Depending on your condition, he may also recommend exercises and stretches that will help you maintain a healthy spine and prevent future injuries.

If you’re wondering if Chiropractic BioPhysics® can help you with your back pain, the answer may very well be yes. This technique has been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of back problems, from minor aches and pains to more serious conditions like herniated discs and sciatica. And because it is a non-invasive, drug-free approach, it is often a first choice for people who want to avoid surgery and medications.

Back Pain Treatment in London – SpineWorks Chiropractic, UK

If you’re tired of dealing with back pain and want a solution that will actually help you, make an appointment with Dr. Luc Archambault at SpineWorks UK today. His expertise in Chiropractic BioPhysics®, along with his use of tools like the Denneroll®, can help you achieve optimal spinal health and function. And with his advice on exercises and stretches, you can maintain that health and prevent future injuries. Don’t settle for living with pain any longer – make that appointment today.