You Can Reduce Forward Head Posture in 3 Easy Steps

Reduce Forward Head Posture
Have you been suffering with forward head posture? Most people are, and simply haven’t been provided with the solutions they need to correct it. Forward head posture, which is also called “text neck” and “tech neck,” occurs when the head begins to move forward past its normal alignment. Did you know that your head is supposed to rest over your shoulders? Look at your ears and note whether they are aligned with your shoulders, which is considered correct posture. If this postural landmark is not correct, there’s a very good chance that you have forward head posture. Forward head posture typically indicates that there are other misalignments and imbalances in the spine’s posture, too. The good news is, you can reduce forward head posture in 3 easy steps-keep reading to learn what they are.

What causes forward head posture?

There’s a reason why forward head posture is better known as “text neck” and “tech neck.” This is because forward head posture is caused by practicing activities that lead you to move your head forward or crane your neck forward. In today’s world, the activities that most commonly encourage people to do this are texting, using computers (especially laptops), and video gaming. While text neck may begin as a seemingly harmless and only aesthetic concern, it can quickly become something more. Forward head posture means that the joints of the neck are misaligned, and when this happens, over time the misalignment can increase progressively.

Misalignment in the neck is not worth ignoring, especially in its early stages. The sooner you can correct misalignment, the sooner you can prevent degeneration, injury, and the increased likelihood of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Correcting forward head posture.

Were you ever told to “stand up straight” or “put your head up” when you were growing up? These well-meaning phrases from parents have helped entire generations believe that standing up straight is the key to straight, optimally aligned posture, but it’s not that simple!

If the head is already pushing forward, this means that the cervical spine (the neck) is already changing to accommodate forward head posture. When this happens, the joints in the neck quickly adapt and become used to the misalignment, especially if the activity that is causing the misalignment continues to keep happening. The best way to treat forward head posture isn’t by brute-forcing upright posture—try the following instead:

1. Use an orthotic Denneroll device.

The orthotic Denneroll device is a chiropractic tool that is specifically designed to correct specific deformities in the spine, including forward head posture. The device is placed underneath your neck with careful positioning to ensure the customized lip, which is crafted to recreate ideal curvature in the spine, is correctly in contact with your spine’s curve. Over time, this device allows the cervical spine to mold itself back into proper alignment with the help of gravity and the weight of your head.

By using an orthotic Denneroll device regularly, as prescribed by your expert chiropractor, you can see incredible changes in the shape of your neck and spine. A Denneroll device is best used in tandem with regular chiropractic care to maximize your results and preserve your new posture.

2. Stretch and strengthen the neck muscles daily.

While the bones and joints of the neck are moving, it’s important to keep the muscles of the neck malleable and strong. When the bones and joints are in motion, say, during an intensive customized treatment plan designed to resolve your posture, they can benefit from extra support. To stretch and strengthen your neck muscles, practice gentle neck stretches two to three times a day for 5 minutes at a time. Strengthen your neck by gently implementing exercises that build muscle in your neck area.

3. Seek regular chiropractic care.

Regular chiropractic care is unmatched in its ability to reform the spine and boost the overall health and wellness of the body. If you’re looking to experience radical results in your wellness journey by improving your spine’s function and your body’s overall structure and ability, look no further than Spineworks Chiropractic.

Dr. Luc Archambault has over 20 years of clinical experience helping to change the lives of those seeking rejuvenation and a second chance for their spine. Because the spine dictates nearly all processes in the body, by improving spine health, Dr. Archambault has watched thousands of patients transform their lives.

If you’re ready to remedy your text neck and take the “neck step” in resolving your forward head posture, book your appointment today.