What to Expect When Getting Regular Spine Adjustments?

What to Expect When Getting Regular Spine Adjustments

Spine manipulation is not a new health care method. Some forms of spine manipulation have been used with great success for thousands of years all over the world. Nowadays, spine adjustments take part in both Western and Asian medicine. Besides the possibility of giving immediate pain relief, chiropractic adjustments have many other valuable potential health benefits.

Today, we will dive into the topic spine manipulation, so you will know what to expect when getting regular spine adjustments as a treatment for your health issues by a chiropractor. One thing is certain: you will feel much better!

How Your Health Can Be Boosted with Regular Spine Adjustments

There are many reasons why chiropractors may utilize spine adjustments as the primary treatment option for addressing health-related issues. However, spine manipulation may also be accompanied by stretching, exercises, massage therapy and more.

If you are wondering what kind of health benefits you may expect when getting spine adjustments regularly, check out this list of the most common benefits patients report experiencing:

  • Optimal spine alignment
  • Better blood circulation within the body
  • Improved healing potential
  • Lower risk of spinal deformities
  • Improved range of motion secondary to increased flexibility
  • Restoration of muscle balance
  • Improved health of local joints
  • Reduced pain (especially headache, migraine, neck and back pain, stiffness in the area of shoulders)
  • A possible boost in organ function, secondary to the improvements in circulation and nerve integrity
  • Mental health support
  • Improved sleep habits
  • Better focus
  • More energy
  • Mood boost
  • Possible prevention of the onset of certain diseases and illnesses
  • Boost in the body’s natural defenses
  • Enhanced quality of life

After going through this list, hopefully you now understand why spine manipulation is a commonly used treatment option by chiropractors. Spine manipulation can be a great treatment adjunct for a wide range of underlying health issues. Sustainable health improvement is a possibility with the right holistic approach.

Get in Touch With a CBP Provider

When it comes to chiropractic care, it is important to talk about Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) which is an evidence-based elite branch of certification. CBP certified chiropractors look at their patients as a whole interconnected system. They not only provide treatment for obvious health problems but look for the root cause of the patient’s condition for better long term results.

In many cases, spine misalignment can be attributed as the main cause of health related symptoms like pain and dysfunction. Fortunately, a CBP provider can detect even subtle changes in spine alignment and address them with non-invasive treatment methods (for example, with regular spine adjustments). Besides getting temporary relief, you may also experience the various health benefits we discussed above that will last for the long term.

If you live or work in London, or the surrounding area, contact Dr. Luc Archambault and his team at Spineworks Chiropractic for an appointment. Dr. Archambault can guide you towards your optimal health with his great expertise in CBP care. He has been helping his patients with postural correction care for many years. If you would like to get long-term pain relief, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Spineworks Chiropractic.