Preventing and Managing Sports Injuries with Chiropractic

Preventing and Managing Sports Injuries with Chiropractic

Participating in sports and leading a physically active lifestyle are both associated with numerous health benefits. However, people who play sports may need to face an inherent risk of injury as well. Although the risks depend on the type of sport, the most common injuries athletes sustain include groin pulls, shin splints, hamstring strains, ankle sprains, tennis elbow, and knee injuries (for example an ACL tear).

Today, we will discuss how chiropractic care can help prevent some of these injuries and better manage current sports injuries. That way you will know what to do if you would like to keep participating in sports or return to your game after an injury.

Preventative Care

Most people seek medical help only when they recognize that something is wrong with their health. However, getting preventative care could help you avoid unnecessary symptoms and potentially prevent an underlying health issue from escalating to a future injury.

A few issues that could trigger a sports injury in the future (when not addressed properly) include:

  • Misalignment issues: In most cases, spine misalignment but other parts of the body can also be affected
  • Incorrect movement patterns with sport-specific moves
  • Core weakness
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Excessive stiffness of the joints and muscles

Getting help from someone who sees the human body as a whole interconnected system can be the key to effective injury prevention. Chiropractors are trained to notice even the tiniest changes in the alignment of your spine and determine where you may need some preventative actions to keep you in the game. These actions may include a well-designed exercise program, improvements in your current movement patterns, and some lifestyle modifications such as diet, sleep habits, or stress management.

Addressing a Current Injury

Sometimes, an injury is caused by a sudden force that simply can’t be prevented. Also, you have waited too long and it’s now too late to take preventative steps. In these cases, seeing a chiropractor can still be beneficial for you as it may help you recover faster from your sports injury and get back to playing sport.

During regular visits to your chiropractor, they may first use some medication-free pain-relieving modalities to provide immediate pain relief. Over time, they would eventually change their focus and concentrate on restoring your body’s innate balance and increasing the healing potential of the affected tissues. All these can promote a sustainable recovery with less risk of recurrence!

Focus on Injury Prevention When You Can

It’s easy to see why it may be beneficial for you to have guidance from a musculoskeletal specialist regarding injury prevention and recovery. However, it’s always recommended to focus on injury prevention when you can to avoid unnecessary suffering in the future.

For the best care, consider finding a chiropractor who specializes in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). They use evidence-based, holistic practices that address any imbalances within the body that could lead to an injury later on.

If you are from London, England or its surroundings, chances are that Dr. Luc Archambault at Spineworks Chiropractic can help you with your sports-related health issues. Plus, he is a CBP-certified professional! Get in touch with his office today to see what he can do for you regardless of whether you would like to prevent an injury or recover from a current sports injury.