How to Reduce Chronic Back Pain Holistically?

How to Reduce Chronic Back Pain Holistically

Back pain is one of the most common health conditions. According to estimation, about 80% of adults deal with it during their lifetimes. Most often back pain improves within a few days or weeks but sometimes it can last for even longer. This happens when the pain becomes chronic in the area of the low back, middle back, or neck.

It’s definitely not easy when someone has to deal with chronic back pain because it can cause many health problems. Sometimes, people lose their productivity and are not able to continue working.

Today, we will dive into the various causes of chronic back pain and we will discuss how it can be treated holistically.

What Can Lead to Chronic Back Pain?

It is interesting how many factors can lead to chronic back pain. In some cases, it is quite obvious such as an injury but sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to discover the underlying issue that initiates the onset of back pain. Here are some of the factors that can contribute to back pain:

  • Spine misalignment
  • Bad posture with daily activities, especially when it is maintained for a long time
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Obesity
  • Decreased spine mobility
  • Spine deformities (such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, and herniated discs)
  • Strain in the back (for example, secondary to lifting)
  • High impact injuries (for example, a car accident)

How to Get Pain Relief

If your pain doesn’t resolve on its own in a few days, or your symptoms become serious, make sure to seek medical attention for treating your back pain. Chiropractic care is the best when it comes to assessing your health and spotting any underlying issues that can lead to back pain. Chiropractors can potentially treat back pain sustainably, so you won’t need more invasive treatment options or excessive medication to manage the pain.

Most often, chiropractors use the following methods during their treatment sessions:

  • Pain management: Chiropractors can help relieve the pain with natural modalities. This might include electrical stimulation, heat, cold, ultrasound, light therapy and more. Pain relief is an important first step in the recovery process.
  • Exercise recommendations: Regular exercise can help relieve the pain and speed up your recovery. This is why your chiropractor may give you recommendations on gentle exercises for optimal spine health.
  • Manual therapy: Chiropractors are experts of the spine. They can use manual therapy and adjustments to restore even subtle changes in your spine and improve your posture. Once your spine is aligned, you may realize many benefits to your overall health.
  • Guidance for better mental health: Your mindset can play a significant role in how back pain affects your life. This is because a negative mindset can affect your ability to endure pain and heal. If you have any mental health concerns, you can talk about them to your chiropractor. They can give you some guidance on how to improve your mental health with lifestyle changes and refer you to a mental health professional if needed..

Find a Healthcare Professional

Find a healthcare professional in your area to get the relief you need for your pain. If you are looking for sustainable results and non-invasive treatment options, consider looking for a chiropractor certified in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). They are the best experts in chiropractic care and can help you feel your best with less pain.

If you live or work in London, get in touch with Dr. Luc Archambault at Spineworks Chiropractic. He and his team are dedicated to relieving your pain and improving your well-being.