Ankle Pain: Common Causes and Chiropractic Treatments

Ankle Pain: Common Causes and Chiropractic Treatments

When it comes to ankle pain, it’s easy to understand why people would like to get rid of the pain and regain their mobility as soon as possible. This complex joint has multiple functions in the body, including bearing our body weight and helping us to move, stand, and balance.

When experiencing ankle pain, it’s crucial to get proper treatment. If the issue is not addressed with the right care, you can easily end up having other health issues in your musculoskeletal system. Additionally, ankle pain can result in chronic instability and pain as well- which can severely affect your overall quality of life. To make sure that your ankle pain is properly addressed, consider opting for one of the best options out there: chiropractic care.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care

Choosing chiropractic care for ankle pain has many advantages. Primarily, this is because chiropractors address pain differently than conventional medical doctors. First, they use the best course of action for relieving the symptoms present in the area of the ankle naturally. Then, they examine the entire body to make sure that any other imbalances and health issues are addressed within the body that could either be the cause of ankle pain or the consequence of it. Thanks to this holistic care approach, you can potentially reduce the risk for further injuries, exacerbation of pain, and future health problems.

What Can Cause Pain in the Ankle Area?

Determining the cause of your ankle pain is crucial to your long-term recovery. Although only a health professional can determine a correct diagnosis for you, to give you an idea of what can cause pain in the ankle area here are a few examples:

  • Broken ankle
  • Faulty movement patterns associated with the foot and ankle (sometimes also imbalances related to other joints like the knee, hip, or spine)
  • Arthritis (such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gout)
  • Joint sprains
  • Tendonitis
  • Bursitis
  • Illnesses or injuries that cause chronic inflammation in this region
  • Muscle imbalances or weakness of the core, hips, ankles, or feet
  • Poor alignment of the spine, pelvis, hips, knees, feet, or ankles
  • And more!

How Chiropractors Treat Ankle Pain

If you are dealing with ankle pain and/or you have sustained an ankle injury, you may undergo one or more of the following chiropractic treatment options. These options very often include the following:

  • Joint adjustments (any joints in the lower body/spine to promote better nerve health)
  • Pain management techniques (compression, ice, ultrasound, etc.)
  • Exercise and biomechanical training to promote stability and restore mobility
  • Massage of sore and injured tissues
  • Education regarding lifestyle changes that can boost your overall health

Make the First Step

If you are ready to make the first step towards a proper recovery, it’s time to make a quick search and look for a chiropractor in your local area. If possible, find a health professional that is certified in a high-quality, evidence-based protocol called Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). These chiropractors can offer you the best science based care with holistic, non-invasive treatment options. Thus, most likely, they can help you better manage or even say goodbye to your ankle-related issues.

In London, England, Dr. Luc Archambault is CBP-certified at Spineworks Chiropractic. If you are in the area, consider scheduling a consultation at our clinic as soon as possible for all your ankle needs.