6 Ways that Denneroll Devices Can Support Your Neck Health

6 Ways that Denneroll Devices Can Support Your Neck Health

A Denneroll device is an orthopedic device used by certified chiropractors to help restore ideal posture to various areas of the spine. Denneroll devices were designed by chiropractors to provide patients with a highly effective spinal remodeling session that can be taken outside of the office. A supplement to regular chiropractic treatment, a Denneroll device can resolve unnatural shapes in the cervical spine (neck area), thoracic spine (mid back area), or lumbar spine (low back area). When used correctly and as instructed by your expert chiropractor, Denneroll devices can have a therapeutic and healing effect on the entire neuromusculoskeletal system, which is made up of the nerves, the muscles, and the skeletal structure.

Below are six ways that Denneroll devices can support your neck’s (and entire spine) health when used consistently:

#1. Decrease tension

When placed appropriately, Denneroll devices can decrease tension in the surrounding area that they are treating. As the body rests on the Denneroll device, the bones and joints are moved into optimal alignment. This allows the muscles in the area (which contribute the most to tension and tightness) to relax and recover from the strain of compensating for postural misalignment.

Decreased tension can help decompress the entire area being treated. This can reduce pain, inflammation, and contribute to improved posture. Decreased tension also helps to support the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments!

#2. Increase flexibility

When a Denneroll device is placed in an area of the spine that can benefit from realignment, it helps to increase flexibility immediately. Just the shape of the spine allows the area to shift, helping bones and joints that were previously misaligned ease back into an aligned position.

With the help of the Denneroll device and the gravity and weight of the body, flexibility is immediately increased as the bones and joints adjust to fit the Denneroll device. This allows tendons, joints, and ligaments to also return to a position in the body that helps support ideal posture.

#3. Mobilize the spine

The Denneroll devices are made to fit the lumbar spine, the cervical spine, and the thoracic spine. Each area of the spine experiences movement while using a Denneroll device. When the Denneroll device is placed correctly (initially under the supervision of an expert chiropractor), the spine quickly moves to accommodate the device and correct the postural alignment.

This movement is therapeutic for the spine, allowing circulation to be restored to the nearby area that is being treated, detoxifying any stagnant fluid, and decreasing inflammation. Keeping the spine mobile and flexible is associated with many health benefits like increased longevity, vitality, agility, and immune function.

#4. Improve your posture

One of the main purposes of the Denneroll devices is to restore ideal posture to spines that have moved into misalignment. Regular use of a denneroll device helps to “train the spine” back into the ideal posture, using the geometry of the device and placing it in the correct position on the body.

Regular use of a Denneroll device for approximately 20 minutes a day has helped to correct thousands of cases of spinal misalignment, particularly when combined with recurring chiropractic care.

#5. Reduce pain

Poor posture can be painful.

The Denneroll device helps to increase flexibility in the spine, decompress compacted joints and nerves, and reduce inflammation. All of these interventions contribute to improved comfort in the body, and a reduction in pain.

As the posture improves, the body simultaneously develops the strength in the muscle systems to sustain the corrected posture, usually with minimal to no discomfort. The Denneroll device is an important part of this process, and helps to solidify the new and improved posture in the memory of the joints, nerves, and muscles each time it is used.

#6. Relieve “tech neck”

Tech neck is a common form of poor posture that originates from craning the head forward while using laptops, computers, and cell phones. Tech-neck, also known as “forward head posture” in chiropractic communities, puts significant strain on the entire head, neck, and shoulders. Tech neck can lead to chronic pain, visible misalignment in the body structure, migraine headaches, eye strain, sinus congestion, impeded immune function, and a host of other conditions.

Denneroll devices (specifically for the cervical spine, which address the neck) can be extremely beneficial for correcting tech neck. The devices are specifically designed to allow the neck to relax into proper posture, and as tension and stiffness melt away, the body is able to reform itself long-term with continued and regular usage.

How do I get a Denneroll Device?

Expert chiropractor Dr. Luc Archambault serves the entire London area with cutting-edge, advanced chiropractic care. In addition to providing a complete assessment upon your first visit to determine which Denneroll device is right for you, Dr. Luc also offers Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP), a form of chiropractic care that is designed to create long-term improvements in posture over time. Chiropractic BioPhysics® can help to reduce pain, correct misalignment (like in the case of scoliosis), and restore mobility in the neck and back. If you’re ready to receive the most advanced chiropractic care available today and begin living your most pain-free life, book your appointment today!